National Geographic

National Geographic Explorer Grant (2018)

In November 2018, I was awarded a second National Geographic Explorers Grant to lead the educational campaign of our VR film “Grandpa’s Reef.” I traveled to the Philippines in March 2019, where myself, Erina Molina and the Haribon Foundation led an educational campaign that reached over 1000 people.

Project PI Sara Camnasio

Co-PIs Erina Molina, Vanina Harel, Kyle McBurnie, Ben Mirin, Mateo Hernandez

Partner Organization Haribon Foundation

National Geographic Young Explorers Collaboration Grant (2017)

In April 2017, I was awarded the National Geographic Young Explorers Collaboration Grant along with three other National Geographic Young Explorers (Vanina Harel, Ben Mirin, Erina Molina), as well as the VR filmaker and diver Kyle McBurnie. The grant consists of $25,000 to travel to the Philippines in November 2017 to shoot an underwater VR film for kids 13-18, and then return in June 2018 to distribute it. This project is in collaboration with the Haribon Foundation.

Director & Producer Vanina Harel

Cinematographer & Editor Kyle McBurnie

Sound Designer Ben Mirin

Educational Outreach & Distribution Sara Camnasio, Vanina Harel, Erina Molina

Marine Biologist Erina Molina

National Geographic Young Explorers Grant (2015)

In 2015, I was awarded a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant as a co-PI with Munazza Alam (Harvard, PhD). The grant funded fieldwork for an astronomy research project investigating low-mass stars called brown dwarfs. We first traveled to the NASA Infra-Red Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea (Hawai'i) and then traveled to Las Campanas Observatory in the southern Atacama Desert region (Chile). This fieldwork contributed to a soon-to-be-published research paper.

Astronomy Research Assistants Sara Camnasio, Munazza Alam

Research Advisors Jackie Faherty, Emily Rice